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Close up equipment - short facts

Blu=focal length   Red=horizontale width at close focus in mm   Green=distance from front of lens to subject
Panasonic Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 1:2.8/45 ASPH
+ versatile – goes to 1:1 (17mm- 6cm from lens)
+ compact
- short distance to object (6cm)
- manual focus somewhat difficult
- expensive (buy it used like me)

If distance to subject is of no importance – best option down to 1:1
Olympus MCON-P01

To be used with:
Olympus 14-150 (25/140mm150/42mm)
Olympus 40-150 (40/104mm150/36mm – distance 25cm (picture left) Fine combination.
Olympus 45 (overlapping with lens closest focusing ~160mm, going all the way down to 70mm) Fine combination.

Can also be used with Olympus 14-42mm

Olympus 75-300 (can´t be used)

(Important - not possible with lens hood)
Raynox M-250X (with attached step down ring 52-43)

Panasonic 14-45mm - fine from 25mm/90mm - 45/50mm. (vignetting 14-20mm)
Panasonic 20mm
Panasonic 45mm
Panasonic 45mm12mm (down from 17mm)

Olympus 14-150mm – heavy vignetting.
Olympus 40-150mm (40/56mm150/16mm) – distance ca 12cm  (with step down 58-52 - fit nicely innside lens hood)
Olympus 45mm
Olympus 75-300mm

Nikon AF 80-200   80/27mm   - 200/11mm – distance ca. 12cm

Raynox can be combined with other close-up lenses - I have tried it with Nikon 4T on
Olympus 40-150: 40/40mm - 150/13mm - distance 9cm
Nikon Close up 4T
Olympus14-150mm can be used from: 45/80mm -150/40mm, distance 14cm. (with step down 58-52)
Olympus  40-150mm (40/96mm-150/34mm) – good working distance:22cm from lens (with step down 58-52 - fit nicely innside lens hood)

Panasonic 14-45mm 14mm/110 - 45/60  A good match.
Panasonic 20mm (with 46-52mm step up ring) - 86mm – distance 8,5cm.
Panasonic 25mm (with 46-52mm step up ring)

Panasonic 45mm (with 46-52mm step up ring 14mm- distance 3,5cm

Nikon AF 80-200mm (80/78mm200/30mm – very good distance – 34cm
Voigtlander 25mm 60mm –heavy distortion! 
No longer sold, I bought mine at ebay.
Bellows (all brand much the same, here Nikon PB-6 with m4/3 adapter.

With m4/3 adapter, 55mm macro - from xxmm  down to xxmm

I will use Nikon 55mm 3.5, and Voigtlander 90mm 3.5. Sometimes with revers ring, Nikon BR2A.

Other lenses that should work: El-Nikkor 50mm 2.8.

M4/3 lenses - unknown territory.
Tubes here in m4/3 mount - slowly in use, very flexible.

m4/3 tubes (10mm and 16mm) with electrical contacts works very well on most lenses (expensive), manual tubes only with legacy glass (must have manual aperture).

Olympus 45mm 1.8 with
Focusing rail slider

Most important when using a tripod, near a must with the Panasonic 45mm at 1:1 and with use of tubes from around 1:1. (The bellows usually have its own slider).

Some sliders work well with focus stacking.
 Light (all sort of, I prefer flash or natural light) - diffusers (easy to make your own) 
 Lens for bellow - Micro-Nikkor-P 55mm 1:3.5, from the 70s.